WAO Survey ;D

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WAO Survey ;D

Post by `Ƙяʏƨтαℓ[♥]™ on Fri Apr 30, 2010 6:31 pm

I've been wondering about opinions lately..
Copy & Paste this survey I've made and answer each question with your own opinion!

Fav junkfood:
Fav icecream flavor:
Fav book:
Coolest animal combo:
Awesomest show:
Funniest actor:
Coolest album:
Beastest song:
Fav band:
Last thing you ate:
Fav movie:
Extremly beast color:
Funnest thing to pop:
Scariest bug:
Best beverage:
Fav sport:
Ultimate sundae ingredients:
Best scenery:
Awesomest condiment:
Fav clothing name-brand:
Ultimate part of cake:
Most annoying thing someone does:
Fav thing to do on WAO:

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Re: WAO Survey ;D

Post by OhioState2 on Mon May 03, 2010 7:48 pm

Fav junkfood: chips
Fav icecream flavor: vanilla xD
Fav book: twilight!!
Coolest animal combo: zebra... and alien!
Awesomest show: american idol!
Funniest actor: uhh i like Sandra Bullock xD
Coolest album: hmm xD and album by Lady GaGa? xD
Beastest song: let it rock-Kevin Rudolf ft. lil Wayne xD
Fav band: the black eyed peasssss
Last thing you ate: Banana xDDD
Fav movie: miss congeniallity
Extremly beast color: Orange!! oh yeah!!! xD
Funnest thing to pop: bubbles xD pop.
Scariest bug: ladybugs... scary... affraid
Best beverage: mountain dew
Fav sport: basketball!!
Ultimate sundae ingredients: icrcream, whipped cream, and a cherry xD oh, and hershey syrup xD
Best scenery: war!
Awesomest condiment: ketchup xD
Fav clothing name-brand: hmm hmm aeropostale
Ultimate part of cake: frosting xD
Most annoying thing someone does: pick their nose or chew with their mouth open!!!
Fav thing to do on WAO: post things xDD

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