Rules for off Topic Section

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Rules for off Topic Section

Post by kbgcowgirl on Thu Oct 22, 2009 3:41 pm

This will probably be the most common section of all the forum. Therefore, many rules. Twisted Evil Follow all of them or it will result in you being banned. Remember, the internet isn't the safest place, and we are trying to make this site safe! The only way that can be successful is if you fallow all of the rules given.
-NO personal information. NONE! This includes age, location, town, and last name. Criminals are smart. Remember that.
-Keep all posts appropriate. Kids and Adults of any age can be on this site.
-Stay on topic of the thread. Any random posts outside the chat place can and will be deleted.
-Please don't just post random threads.
-Respect EVERYONE! Be nice to EVERYONE! You may not like somebody, but it hurts if somebody is rude or mean to you. This is the BIGGEST rule!
Thank you very much! Be sure to tell your friends!

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