Club Section Rules PLEASE read before posting

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Club Section Rules PLEASE read before posting

Post by kbgcowgirl on Thu Oct 22, 2009 4:14 pm

There are so many people who have things in common. They can like the same animals, the same food, or anything! That is why we have the Club Section! Anyone can make a club here.
The owner of the club is in charge. If something or someone is wrong, notify a mod or admin as soon as possible!
-Do not make fun of what people like or are in to
-Only ONE club per topic
-Stay on topic in your club. Randomness is for the chat section. Random posts can and will be deleted.
-ABSOLUTELY No hate clubs. None. Of nothing.
-Only make clubs about appropriate stuff.
-If the owner violates rules multiple time it will result as the club getting deleted.
Thank you and have fun and meet new friends!

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