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WAO Memories Section Rules Empty WAO Memories Section Rules

Post by sunnybunny. on Sat May 08, 2010 2:53 pm

This is the WAO Memories section!
Here you can post your best memories, the good times you had
with your friends, & maybe some inside jokes!
You can post a picture of that memory,
explain why you're putting it up there.
What it's about & everything.
But every good section has to have a set of rules.

WAO Memories Section Rules:
1. Please keep the memories appropriate
2. If you put a memory up, please make sure it doesn't hurt feelings.
3. Please do not make fun of ANYONE'S memories/memory.
4. All WAO Rules Apply.
5. Respect everyone's memories.
6. You may comment on other peoples memories,
but only nice comments

we're drifting away.

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