LOOK->I found out how to change the website skin NO ERRORS! ._.

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LOOK->I found out how to change the website skin NO ERRORS! ._.

Post by JailWolf on Mon Aug 30, 2010 1:30 am

Okay, well i've seen on the portal, you guys have been having trouble, with the skin,
okay, i found out a way that WORKS! :O Yesh, i said it, that "Works" ._.
Okay well,
The FIRST thing you want to do is,
go to
Hitskin.com then find some skins,
Now, choose the colors, you want it to search for,
Then, if you found the one you want, aka vistaplan,
under it, it will give you an area/blank box, above words that say,
Try it out, or instal skin, or something like that, after you have typed in,
your website url, like, "webkinzallout.com"
e.e Bassicly, you click install skin, AFTER you put the website url in, just like that, webkinzallout.com And AFTER you installed it, it will lead you to your website,
and it will ask you if you want to change it, click yes, or something that means, yes, x-ept xD
And BAM O_e ..... THE skin goes on!! WOOT found a salution to your problem... :O..
this should work, worked with my website, so, it will work, to fix it back, just do that, for the vista plan, the one you guys liked, and it will work....
O_O That's one long message... e.e
Glad i could help...
xD OH! And, before you do this, make sure your banner is in your files, or whatever, like where your picture area is, like if you press browse, in there, those photo's... make sure its in there, then after you installed the skin, go to administration pannel, and go to display, and somewhere on the side, on the left, it will say pics and colors, go to pics management, and, go to advanced mode, and then, next to forum main logo AKA Banner, click, upload, browse to the banner, click ok, and then copy it, and X that out, and paste that into next to the place where it says forum main logo, and THAT's how you do that.
Again, glad i could help.

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