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Haunted Camp ._. Empty Haunted Camp ._.

Post by JailWolf on Mon Aug 30, 2010 7:52 pm

One boring day, on a Friday 13th..
xP You, checked your mail, to see if there was anything,
you saw only one thing in there,
you grab it, and look at the message on there it said "Open, If You Dare"
You opened, it....And Saw a message, in very neat feather pen, ink...
It read..
Hello thur fellow, almost camper,
tonight, is the scariest camp,
you will ever go to...Laugh.
Make friends, and, Scream together,
Ahaha, Thank you for reading this message,
Fill out the forum and send it in,
To apply
=> forum Name:
O_O Male or Female:

So here is mine O:

Name:Jailen (my name)
Pic/Description: Active, Funny, And a good personality, And is attractive. ((xP))
O_O Male or Female:Male ((BOTH!!!jk D:< xDDD))
Personality: Outgoing.

WAO rules apply..
Don't change someone's story, just go with the flow.

Have fun yo ._.

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